Amazing news everyone! I am EXTREMELY chuffed/pleased/happy to announce that I have been welcomed warmly into the awesome family of wonderful artists that is Wild Sound Recordings!

Working hard on the next album so watch this space, plenty of adventures to come!


        elephant - Available now, in all the usual places. Plus here 

Love is a hard tale to tell without becoming too specific or subjective so I hope that with elephant I have gone some way towards doing such a universal tale some justice. Most importantly I have tried to be lyrically honest, a lot of the words have come straight from the poetry I write which is something I’ve not attempted before. The production here harks at my roots as the son of a new age composer so there is a lot of space, this feels very natural to me. In all, I have done my utmost to allow these songs to speak on their own terms. 

'Unforgettable poetic narrative through the heights and depths of love' Dave Clark - Americana UK

'songs that sort of come into your consciousness from the left field and stay there' Neil King - FATEA